The future belongs to the leaders of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Leaders of The Fourth® are engaging, insightful and agile individuals who invest themselves and are genuine interested in others.

CXOPeople has developed a new leadership paradigm that revolves around communication, self-esteem and self-esteem leadership. Combined with a warm and powerful vision, the new paradigm promotes community, direction, commitment and creativity and unleashes human potential to the benefit of people and companies.


CXOPeople is founded by Per Leth-Nissen in 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

CXOPeople is based on emotional intelligence, creativity and profound human insight. We offer insight and processes for sustainable personal and professional development that transforms cultures in organizations.


We design and lead processes for corporate CXOs and top executives to help translate corporate strategies, ambitions and management styles into specific behavioural changes in your organization.

Our foundation is profound human insight, engaging processes and solid, lasting communication training that turns your executives and managers into agile and transformative leaders. Leadership qualities that are necessary for being a leader of the future – a part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution


We train individuals and management teams as well as larger groups at Company Days.

We take a holistic approach and hone your communication skills. With profound human insight and an exceptional level of creativity, we improve the cooperation within and across the company’s CXO teams. Good cooperation in the CXO teams is crucial for a strong performance and for cooperation across the organization and in interactions with other stakeholders. When the CXO team is united in its pursuit of the strategic goals and able to deliver unifying, authentic, engaging and solid communication, the basic drivers are in place for generating commitment and improving the organization’s performance.

  • We enhance mutual trust as a basis for cooperation and performance
  • We enhance your ability to set and communicate a clear direction in an engaging way
  • We enhance your personal narratives rooted in your individual leadership styles

The FourthLab®

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is driven by leaders who engage, inspire and stimulate their colleagues and employees. Leading tomorrow’s organizations calls for a transformative mindset and the ability to influence human behaviour. Typically, the human mindset is shaped by the past, while the future calls for innovation, agility, humanity and new approaches. The development of a new mindset is best promoted by people who are able to think outside the box, like our founder, Per Leth-Nissen. With a unique command of business processes, human insight and in-depth approaches he is able to link the company’s DNA with emotional and cognitive meaningfulness for both managers and employees. The FourthLab®, which is one of our development formats, is well suited for shaping and ensuring future organizational and business success.

  • The basis of the The FourthLab® is the company’s strategy and stated aspiration, which the CXOs need to grasp and embrace fully before they can implement it throughout the organization.
  • The ability to generate commitment, think outside the box and set a clear direction through engaging communication is enhanced via new understanding and human insight.
  • On-site micro-learning via CXOPeople’s CXOSmart® platform is supported by insight and more than 1,000 exercises from the book series Create A Better World.


What do you want to achieve? Why? And how?

The ability to set a meaningful direction and to animate colleagues and employees to take initiatives and supply the missing pieces themselves in a busy and complex working day is a crucial condition for success.

As CXO, you are both the architect charged with designing communication efforts and initiatives and the chief communicator charged with providing optimal communication – often without necessarily having received much training in these tasks.

We help you or your executive team build a strong bridge to your employees through clarity based on your talent and communication skills, the corporate strategy and the individual team member’s communicative and functional tasks to enable you to reach your goals, as individuals and as a team.

  • We focus on what you wish to achieve and generate insight through understanding.
  • We work with your personal story and your personal communication perspective.
  • We base our coaching on your function and the leadership role you wish to play, going forward.
  • You receive specific tools and human insights that will enhance your skills as a leader and as a human being. We ensure impact through emotional and cognitive understanding.

Virtual Leadership and Communication training


CXOSmart® is learning we offer via smartphones.

When you are back at work after completing a learning course with us, your learning process continues through engaging exercises and consolidating insights that are sent directly to your smartphone. This structured micro-learning, which can take place on the job or, for that matter, during our courses, is invaluable for your ability to retain and expand your learning. Behaviour, culture, communication and collaboration – stimulated through engaging exercises in the workplace – are just some of the topics that will be relevant to most organizations.

The data insight we generate through CXOSmart® forms a valuable basis for our ongoing learning and improvements to the leadership development journey.

Our Clients

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