Do you love your life?

Tick, tock, tick, tock. Time, our most precious resource, never stops. The clock is always ticking. Yesterday, today – and maybe tomorrow … If, like me, you’re getting on in years, you might even feel that time is fast running out.

Are you seeing what you want to see? Are you leaving your mark? Do you have a good relationship with your children? Are they happy? Are you making a positive difference for your loved ones and the wider world around you? Is your insight growing with every day, enabling you to lift others up? Is your contribution making the world a better place? Big questions that should give you cause to reflect on whether you are managing your life and your time in the right way.

We all do the best we have learned – but sometimes, that just isn’t enough. We may be doing okay, or even great, in terms of career, money and status – and yet feel, deep inside, that there is something missing in our life. Perhaps our potential has not been fully realized. Perhaps loneliness, dissatisfaction, disrespect or low self-esteem prevent us from becoming the person we truly are, want to be our ought to be?

I am passionate about developing and optimizing insight-driven processes that generate understanding and wisdom. Wisdom is nourished by openness and curiosity – qualities that maintain and boost vitality and zest for life. I thrive when I can inspire and transform people and promote a desired behaviour. Whether in a personal or a professional context, in engagements with individuals, couples, leaders or employees. I love my life and the process of generating value through significance. When I give myself – and what I sense – significance. When I helps others achieve significance and, not least, when I work with something of significance, I find life to be absolutely magical. Every time I meet people who take responsibility, are passionate and, perhaps, capable, people who are open-minded and interested in life and interested in thriving, my wisdom grows and is nourished through our dialogue and interactions. Through silence, contact, personal connectedness and love.

To draw an analogy to the Star Wars films, my life is about bringing out the greatness in the individual – to develop people into wise Yodas. If you haven’t encountered or don’t remember Yoda, Yoda is a small, seemingly insignificant green-eyed creature who through simple wisdom, insight-driven questions and challenges unleashes Luke Skywalker’s potential so that he, along with Han Solo and other allies, can save the world.

Yodas unleash human potential. They help build good lives and transform the world, to everyone’s benefit.

I love developing Yodas – working with people who want to enhance their insight. People who are open-minded and who wish to transform themselves and the people around them. Who wish to help create a better world through personal responsibility and wisdom.

I wish you and yours and good and beautiful life.





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