Enjoy it – Your Life is Ticking Away!

Do you feel that time is slipping away?

If you do, perhaps you need to pause and consider if you’re using your time right? Hopefully you can find inspiration in the following insight?

Whether we like it or not, life keeps presenting us with new possibilities and challenges.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years tick by, life ticks by. Everything is continuously changing in us, in our relationships and in the world around us. NOTHING in this world is constant. Life is not constant, even if we sometimes tend to forget that fact. Hoping it is. Wishing it were. Even in death, the way we are remembered does not remain constant, the body is not constant.

We have little say over most factors in our life. Including our parents, our wider family and most of our environment. But we do decide how to respond to our world. The 90/10 rule describes this fact of life pretty well: you may be able to influence about 10 per cent, while the rest is beyond your control.

So let us focus on the 10 per cent. Your sphere of influence. Your possibilities and skills. Given how times flies, when is it time to develop YOUR possibilities and skills and those of the people you are close to?

A new paradigm
We do the best we can. We practice what we have seen and learned. But what if that is no longer current; what if it has serious shortcomings – then what do we do? What do we do if we need to learn new ways or need to unlearn something that is not working for us? Where do we go? Who can offer the psychological knowledge and insight to help us build a better life? A life where you can realize your potential, feel more present in the moment, reduce your loneliness and improve your relationships. A life where you acquire new psychological skills that enable you to give your children the self-esteem and the skills you wish your parents had given you – but which they could not give you, simply because they had not learned how. They did the best they had learned, even if it may not have been good enough.

You need insight to achieve your intentions and goals. Your personal goals or your goals in relation to your children, your parents or other people in your life. Or your goals as an executive in relation to your staff, your colleagues or the company’s stakeholders. If you think about it – and if you can get past the notion that everybody else is wrong, and you are simply the hapless victim of their incompetence – you may take a moment to embrace the following fact: IT IS WHAT IT IS!

It is what it is!
Look past your illusions, look past your dreams about what could have, should have, might have been. See clearly, with insight. Human insight springs from knowledge and experience, from looking inward, reflecting, understanding and from looking underneath and beyond the surface.

Look at yourself, the people close to you, your family, friends, relationships, workplace, supervisor, society. It is what it is – and you decide what to do about it. Move away, physically, if you don’t like your environment. Or remove yourself from whatever is changing you in order to find peace and acceptance by developing stronger psychological and emotional muscle that you can use to change the world around you. Know that deliberate change takes insight, time, determination and action.

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