A by invitation only, VIP network.
The members of the club are people who have common traits:
Influence, charisma, goals and the abilities to achieve them.
We thank the many people who participate in the club and believe that strong connections is the key to success.International Club Copenhagen now has over 4.200 members and is steadily growing.
There is no membership fee to join.

Ambassadors, diplomats, leaders and influencers

Network, culture, updates, leadership, learning and business

Hasse Ferrold

Hasse is the founder of International Club Copenhagen.

He originally trained as a dentist, but his unique ability to forge connections among people and his passion for photography drove him to travel the world to meet presidents, diplomats, artists and businesspeople. Hasse runs a blog where he shares photos and experiences from all the places he has been.

Hasse appreciates people with a positive energy, drive and passion – and he likes to involve them in ICC with the purpose of contributing to a more harmonious world.

Per Leth-Nissen

Per is dedicated to enhancing people’s quality of life by developing their emotional intelligence.

Per has extensive and varied creative experience and five years of training as a psychotherapist. He has more than as a therapist and has conducted more than 3,600 individual sessions in professional contexts as well as with private clients.

Per is the founder of CXOPeople, which takes a creative approach to leadership development on an individual basis and in big and small groups. Clients include CXOs and executives from the biggest companies in Denmark.

Inspiration & Learning

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